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Transforming Trauma into
Hope & Healing


About Rebekkah

Psychotherapy Background 

Rebekkah Williams is a Registered Psychotherapist, Co-founder and Director of Nemesis Group, Facilitator and Expressive Arts Therapist, specializing in the treatment of sexual trauma for over 36 years.  She served as the Play Therapist at Nshiime Daycare, Kikendaasogamig Elementary, and Nawash Health Centre for 13 years, and has continued to serve the Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation for over 19 years. 


Rebekkah attended the University of Toronto, then attained a Graduate Degree in Expressive Art Therapy.  She holds certificates from Queen’s University in Business Management, and Human Resources Management, and has facilitated countless workshops.


Rebekkah is presenting at the 2024 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association National Conference: Navigating Trauma, Finding Connection.

Writing Background 

Rebekkah holds a Graduate Certificate from the Humber School for Creative Writing. 

She is a former music journalist at The Georgia Straight, Vancouver.


She is the author of: 

Front Porch Mannequins, a work of fiction, published in both paperback and Ebook  Glass Houses, a Women’s Studies textbook, analysis of women’s anti-violence agencies, based on decades of work in rape crisis centres, shelters and treatment programs.

And…This Is What Happened: Children Expressing Trauma Through Art - co-author of a collection of professional case studies dedicated to artistic based traumatic expression and resilience. (Dec 2024)

Therapeutic Curriculum: 

Niin Maabaa - This is Me 

Amazing Girls: Kikendaasogamig Elementary School, 

Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation social action video on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, 

Eshkiniijig Tawchigewok, a book of artistic expression created by the children of Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation,



Onji-noojimom dibaajimong - Healing Through Stories: Revisioning Trauma Informed Practices.  

Music journalist at The Georgia Straight.


Rebekkah is currently developing a podcast, Prey, a narrative about sex trafficking.

Visit Rebekkah's Publications Page


Current Projects & 

CCPA National Conference

Rebekkah is honoured to be a presenter at this year's 2024 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association National Conference: Navigating Trauma, Finding Connection. 

In her session: How to Talk About Horrible Things, Rebekkah will examine Trauma, Linguistics and Healing.

Trauma to Triumph

A therapeutic website with individualized online programs for healing from Sexual Abuse, PTSD/cPTSD, Anxiety, Sex Trafficking and Exploitation and general mental wellness.



Question Without Shame 

A YouTube channel with honest, blunt answers to questions about sexual abuse.

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Coming Soon


Bite Me Happy

A website devoted to the intersection between food and wellness.

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A collection of professional case studies dedicated to creating artistic based traumatic expression and resilience.

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