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Selected Works

Adams writes as if standing on hot coals – this is more manifesto…but her passion may stand to keep readers awake more than most published analyses of organizational behaviour.  …Faculty will find much to engage their students in this heart-felt, incisive book.”

The Canadian Sociological Association,

Judith Taylor, University of Toronto


“I was quite taken with your thesis, the depth of your knowledge...and the beauty of your writing.” 

Canadian Scholars’ Press/Women’s Press


An amazing well written book! Thanks again for a wonderful piece of work!”

Wendy Aujla – University of Alberta, Department of Sociology

Glass Houses is a critical analysis examining why women’s anti-violence agencies implode and the roots of the dysfunction bred within the internal dynamics and current structures. This book is designed to incite creative discussion, debate, and creation of new healthy feminist models designed to support this unique field of work.

Glass Houses.jpeg

“..grotesquely brilliant and, perhaps more impressive, utterly believable – a testament both to Adams’ skilful world-building and her mastery of her characters.  A capable writer with an eye for finding hope in the places we least expect. Adams handles the novel's final pages effectively, serving up a credible, redemptive ending with grace and panache.”  

Broken Pencil


Front Porch Mannequins is a stunningly powerful first novel, a phantasmagorical tale.  Somehow, Adams manages to make her characters seem like they are suddenly standing right in front of you, even if you wish they weren’t.

Front Porch Mannequins is a novel for readers looking not just for a book that touches on the familiar but a work of literary merit.

Sun Times, Book Reviews


Wow!  Amazing.  Rebekkah writes strong, gutsy, chilling characters and great dialogue that crackles with authenticity.”  

Sarah Sheard, Humber School of Writing (Mentor)


There is great energy to your work, of the kind that I don’t see very often.  This work is weird and wonderful, with vivid characters, expertly drawn.”

Goose Lane 


“…You’ve got a wonderful imagination, a kind of a cross between suburban gothic, surreal comedic (a very dark comedy), and kitchen-sink drama.”

Catchfire Press Inc.

Nana Underhill’s intoxicated plan to run Lily over with her car seemed like a good idea at the time. Having slept with Lily’s husband, she needed to ease her guilt with an act of kindness—however bizarre. The accident would bring Lily’s husband racing to the scene and back into Lily’s affections.

But when Mark fails to show up as planned, the staged accident backfires and Nana has to pull Lily from a pool of blood and take her to hospital herself. Then Daryl, the husband of their eccentric friend Alice—who spends afternoons sitting on the front porch with her mannequin Delane—finds a severed hand in the middle of a rural Ontario highway. He scrapes it off the road with a snow brush and puts it in a cereal box for safekeeping.

Who the severed hand belongs to is only the first challenge for small town detective Harris Cool. Why the hand was severed in the first place sends him on a chilling journey into the complexities of one woman’s tortured past. Only when Cool confronts his own demons—and when Lily’s crazy mother Carol reveals hers—do Nana and Lily come to the startling truth about their own fractious relationship.

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